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Elevate Peer Support provides tools for clients who have been isolated and/or institutionalized in custodial care facilities or even at home. Our goal is to assist these individuals in achieving their maximum independence and gain social skills by participation within the community. Working with behavioral health individuals, we know the limitations put on clients socially and independently when living in a confined facility. The individuals at Elevate assist our clients in gaining their personal independence, social skills, and be able to thrive within the community.

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POSITION:       Co-Owner/COO

Mr. Conley has over 7 years of experience in the health care industry including extensive knowledge, education and experience in managed care, utilization management and marketing. 

Blake has worked in hospitals, behavioral health group homes, and sub-acute hospitals. Blake’s most experience comes from working in behavioral health group homes. In these group homes Blake:

  • managed the Company Policy and Procedures Manual and ensured that the Company care homes and its caregivers are in compliance with state department of health regulations
  • certified resident medical authorizations and initiated related billing necessary to secure reimbursement from AZ Medicaid (AHCCCS) and/or the resident’s insurance companies 
  • brought new residents/patients to the Company through his connections and networking within the health care industry
  • contracted with the major private and state managed medical insurance companies
  • created therapeutic treatment plans that are specific and attainable for each resident’s goals
  • with his knowledge of managed care ensured that each resident is appropriate for the Company’s provided level of care.

Blake’s managed care experience and responsibilities include the review and/or provision of the resident’s unique clinical information in order to appropriately direct their care within the Company homes or at the hospital. Blake frequently collaborated with physicians and caregivers (including specialized nurses) to assure that each resident received the quality care governed by their individualized healthcare plans. Blake is proficient in all patient care practices including a sudden intense-out-of-control behavioral client, a client’s current mental status (MMSE), behavioral health techniques to redirect psychotic clients, managed care behavioral health criterion, and ambulation. In addition, Blake is proficient in medical billing programs and business programs.

Mr. Conley’s education and certification credentials include a Bachelor of Science in General Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Public Health specializing in Epidemiology/Biostatistics and a Caregiver’s Certificate in Supervisory, Direct and Personal Care.


Petra Neverson

Position: Social and Community Manager/ Assistant Administrator

Ms. Neverson has over 7 years of experience in the health care industry serving those requiring special needs relating to assisted living and behavioral health care. Her responsibilities include:

  • Initiating and supervising the hiring and training of the care home staff and their ongoing continuing education.
  • Administrating a staff of approximately 25 to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all the residents, and assure that the care homes follow Arizona Department of Health rules and regulations.
  • Assisting residents with personal care, administration of medications, meal preparation and coordination of pharmacy orders.
  • Assure the maintenance of the resident files containing medical records, directives, dietary restrictions and requirements, and special instructions and that all state requirements are adhered to.
  • Interacting with physicians, case managers, guardians and families of the residents to insure continuity and timeliness of shared information.
  • Creating therapeutic treatment plans that are specific and attainable for each resident’s goals.

Petra’s education and certified credentials include: Associates Degrees in Accounting and Behavioral Science; a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management; Masters of Science candidate in Community Mental Health and Wellness Administration; Caregiver’s Certificate in Supervisory, Direct and Personal Care; and certifications in Chemical Dependency-Relapse Prevention, and Chemical Dependency.

Marisa Danley



Tristan Williams, a student at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, shops for products at a supermarket during a special education program aimed at teaching students life skills, June 15, 2011. 

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