Socializing| Independence | Life Skills

Learning. Improving. Empowering.

Elevate Peer Support aims to rehabilitate clients in three specific areas: sociability, independent living, and life skills training, through intra-community immersion and didactic learning. Elevate Peer Support aims to improve our clients lives by providing the necessary tools to live a more holistic life. Elevate Peer Support aims to empower the lives of our clients through  their own independence.

Some of our most sought services:

Daily Chores

Accompany you to stores for basic necessities and opportunity to socialize

Group Sessions

Peer support through sharing experiences

Community Liaison

Providing guidance and social assistance to community residents

Advocacy & Resources

Enhancing community residents’ ability to effectively communicate with healthcare providers

Events & Outings

Group or one:one excursions to promote social inclusion.

Medical Support

Encouragement to maintain regular medical care to ensure quality of life.

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